A if for…A Blog and An Author


August – Since the first letter of the alphabet happens to be A, which happens to be my favorite letter, I consider it fitting to begin the blog in the month beginning in the same fashion. It also seems fitting to start the blog in a transitional month; it’s not quite summer but it’s not quite fall. School is starting and it feels like the 2nd NYE of the year. So welcome to the second half of the year, a new season change, and to Some Alphabet Soup, which I hope will soon become your alliteration addiction! (see what I did there) 😉


Author – Keeping with the alliteration theme of the blog, A is a perfect letter to also  introduce the author of the blog because…it’s me! & my name begins with an A! You can find out a little bit “About Me” in the section “About the Author” under the “About Alphabet Soup” tab. You can also gather some insight into the blogs inception and naming there too. Check it out! While you’re at it, find me on Twitter and send me a shout!


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