Women’s Words Wednesday – Battling the Breast Bomb

10176194_10203967596003305_5942656178842187111_nIt’s October 1st which means it’s time to Think Pink, Go Pink, Touch our Ta-Tas, Save Second Base…

Kenner Ribbon

Employees of Kenner City Hall Photo: Barry Sprague








We started a month long fundraising campaign today at my work; making a giant pink ribbon out of employees, donning our pink shirts and raising almost $2,000 for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in only one day! It was…well it was inspiring.


More inspiring still…the women who were there that were quietly cancer survivors, or relatives of cancer survivors, or friends of cancer survivors. My grandparents and relatives have survived and died of cancers but that’s another time, another post. Today’s words belong to the women who have endured, who have fought and lived, who have believed at the end of hope’s road. This post is their testimony.


A few of the favorites I found:


When you’re told:

Sheryl Crow








Dr. Seuss

OK, technically a guy, but a worthwhile message.

When you’re in it: Melissa Ethridge

When wisdom comes from the funniest people and humor from the strangest places:

Christina Applegate Gilda Radner

Your triumphs: Robin Roberts
Olivia Newton John Giuliana Rancic

When it’s your loved ones:

Cynthia Nixon

The only women, and men who can understand the fight with breast cancer, or any cancer, are the ones who have gone through it and the ones who have loved someone who has. There are so many wonderful, inspirational quotes, memes, songs, or speeches that you may read or hear this month and a dozen or more ways to locally donate and volunteer. I suggest starting with finding a breast cancer survivor or supporter and hearing what they have to say. See where that conversation takes you.

And, please dear readers, start this month and

Brush up on Boobies!  

A helpful guide to self breast exams!

Bonus read: Sometimes it’s not a shared fight. Sometimes Breast Cancer creates silent suffering. Read Not Another Tall Blog ‘s poignant post about her mother’s decision to keep her cancer a secret.


10 thoughts on “Women’s Words Wednesday – Battling the Breast Bomb

    • Thanks Kyaru! I’m playing a little catch up with both the blog and Blogging 101 due to “life stuff” getting in the way, as it has a tendency to do, but I’m trying to catch back up on all I want to say, learn and do! How’s your Blogging 101 going?

      • Going well, thanks for asking 🙂 Life stuff never lets up unfortunately. Do you have a stupidly huge amount of unfinished drafts too? I swear they have eyes sometimes, I can feel them guilt-tripping me! I’m slowly catching up though, and it’s totally worth it 🙂

  1. It is a good cause you are writing about, so cannot but follow! I lost my mum to cancer a few years ago, so, unfortunately, have a reason to relate to your blog, too. Feel warmly invited to stop by and maybe follow my blog back. All the best!

    • Thanks so much Angie for reading, commenting and following. Thank you more for sharing about your mum. My sincerest thoughts go out to you and yours. There are so many moving things written about this awful struggle; I knew I wanted to share first hand accounts and it felt selfish to fill a post with my own words. If you have a post about your mum’s fight, I would love to add it as a pingback, with your permission of course. Checking out your blog now! All my best!

      • Hi Alicia, thanks so much for your warm words! Yes, it is a pain which will never heal. Yes, there is a post in my Writing 101 category, ‘The letter she never got’. If you like it, it would he nice of you to do a pingback, thanks very much. I hope you like my funny posts too. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful post. It is a cause that has always been near and dear to me but this year it really hits home. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, at the age of 81. Since then she has been through two mastectomies, chemotherapy, and will begin radiation in a week or so. It has been a long, tough, frightening road. It’s not over but we’ve made it this far and we still have our mom.

    • Thank you Corina. & thank you for sharing about your mother. Definitely a journey worth posting about, if you haven’t already.This is a late stage in life for your mother to be going through this but it sounds like she has a mighty strength! Prayers and warm thoughts!

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