Afar and Away Alicia: A Letter to my Readers

Dearest Readers,

Writing you to say Hey! and sorry for going away without leaving you a note on the kitchen table…

The past few months have been stuffed with travel and celebrations. Appropriate to this time in my life, my world and weekends are filled with Weddings and Babies and celebrations of said nuptials and offspring. Well, my social world anyway. No my sweet readers, I did not secretly get married or pregnant in my absence 🙂

An informational on blogging I once read said to never apologize for lapses in one’s posting; but how can I not? As bloggers we ask our readers to validate our words with their time and honor our thoughts with relevance by considering them. So I thank every reader who has been with me so far and I thank each reader who will join me here.

I continued reading posts of blogs that I enjoy following, I just did not find the time I needed to put my own thoughts down. Likewise I found the “guidelines”  I had placed on myself for writing the blog had become “restrictions” so that some of the things I was inspired to write about were kept-for-a-later-date instead of flowing out in the moment I was driven to share. I was hindering my own writing and it had to stop.

I have made some changes to the site, deleting pages and adding inspirational spots.

  • Poesy (the art or composition of poetry, not to be confused with posey, a small bouquet of flowers): From a very young age I have enjoyed writing poetry, thoughts, sayings, etc.. My poetry, as poetry often does, comes from vulnerable and private places in my heart and brain, so I have been hesitant to share these words with many people. But, I figure if there was ever a time and place to do it, this would be it.
  • Keen (having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm): I started hearing and using the word Keen when I began dating my first boyfriend-from-abroad. He was a Kiwi and everything was “Fantastic” & “Keen”. The word has become one of my favorites and I want to share some of my favorite things with my readers on this page.

If you’ve stayed with me readers you may notice some changes, but I hope you still enjoy the content. If you’re just joining this alliteration party, I hope you too enjoy the content and come back for more. Comment, share, like, challenge, engage & I will appreciate and respond!

So as they say in our 49th state, the land I called home for one glorious summer,

“North to the Future”