The ABC’s of Alphabet Soup

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———- About Alphabet Soup ———- 

A typical exchange between my friends and I will often sound like:

*Text Message* “Hey fashionista, is this outfit appropriate for the event tonight? And what kind/color shoes do I wear?”

*Phone Call* “OK, I’m standing in front of the beauty products section at Target (pronounced ‘Tar-jey’ of course!). What was that stuff you were telling me about that I can use at night?”

*Group Email* “So the plan is 7 o’clock at my house for wine and girl talk. Everyone is bringing some vino and Alicia, I already have you down for some hors  d’oeuvres! Special request for the yummy stuffed mushrooms with the whipped goodness inside that you made last time!”

*Conversation (most likely involving wine)* “What do I do since I totally forgot to bring a gift to Beth’s wedding?”

To clarify,  my friends do not consider me an “expert” on these topics, nor do I consider myself one. I’m not a know-it-all I’m simply a person who likes-to-know-it-all-I-can on any topic that holds my interest and pertains to my life. My friends also know that my sponge-like brain has this incredible knack for holding onto random tidbits of information. Some may call these tidbits trivial, but they are all relative to the need at the moment.

*A quick but delicious and fancy looking salmon recipe for date night with boyfriend/husband – Yup! They’ll take it!

*A comparison of which is actually higher, Mount McKinley or Mount Everest based on relation to sea level – Yeah, not so much at this time.

This blog was birthed from the collision of questions I get from my friends and an article I was reading. I wanted a place where I could share the information I accrue and where I acquired it from.   My interests range from beauty and fashion to culinary pursuits and world news, and I am a sucker for reality TV and Joel McHale’s The Soup.  So, I decided to blog in a format that could include a range of topics and present them in a way inspired by the short-excerpt style of the show. The ABC’s part…an easy guide! Plus, I absolutely adore alliteration. Something serious. Like, love!

So that’s where it all began…where it takes me and my readers is yet to be seen. My hope is that, at the very least, it takes us to a special meal, a new favorite outfit, a thought provoking conversation, or even just a moment of laughter.


———- About Alicia ———- 

smile If you’re reading my blog then chances are you’re my friends or family and already know a good deal about me. If you’re reading this section, however, then you might just be someone in the “other” category, and to you I say, Welcome.


So this is me; a very brief synopsis (with visuals):

catcrawfishI am

Currently in my early 30’s and living in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans. I am a lady with a cat but I don’t consider myself a “cat lady”. I enjoy living in a city with such an amazing culinary voice and a strong Catholic presence.


While I love being Southern I recognize, daily, the wonder of the great, big, world we live in and travel it as often as I can make possible. A weekend trip along the Gulf Coast, the summer I lived in Alaska, hiking in Arizona…I don’t care as long as I’m feeding my soul. If I had to choose though, mountain or sea, give me the crash of a wave, the breath of the ocean, a boat on a lake, ANY DAY!


I grew up on stage; dancing, singing and acting and still try to fit the arts into my life whether performing or observing. I highly recommend everyone take as much art in to their lives as possible. Visit a gallery, go see a show, listen to a band on the street, just soak it in! Revel in the passion of others for it’s a beautiful thing.


Thanks again for valuing my words by giving them your time. It’s true what they say, time IS our most precious gift. I am sincerely, bottom-of-my-heart grateful for your gift.

Cheers, Alicia Schulz


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