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———- About Alicia ———- 

smile If you’re reading my blog posts then chances are you’re my friends or family and already know a good deal about me. If you’re reading this section however, then you might just be someone in the “other” category, and to you I say, Welcome.


So this is me; a very brief synopsis (with visuals):

catcrawfishI am

Currently in my early 30’s and living in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans. I am a lady with a cat but I don’t consider myself a “cat lady”. I enjoy living in a city with such an amazing culinary voice and a strong Catholic presence.


While I love being Southern I recognize, daily, the wonder of the great, big, world we live in and travel it as often as I can make possible. A weekend trip along the Gulf Coast, the summer I lived in Alaska, touring New Zealand with local Kiwis, hiking in Arizona…I don’t care as long as I’m feeding my soul. If I had to choose though, mountain or sea, give me the crash of a wave, the rush of a river, the breath of the ocean, a boat on a lake, ANY DAY!


I grew up on stage; dancing, singing and acting and still try to fit the arts into my life whether performing or observing. I highly recommend everyone take as much art in to their lives as possible. Visit a gallery, go see a show, listen to a band on the street, just soak it in! Revel in the passion of others for it’s a beautiful thing.


Thanks again for valuing my words by giving them your time. It’s true what they say, time IS our most precious gift. I am sincerely, bottom-of-my-heart grateful for your gift.

Cheers, Alicia Schulz


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